Packaging design and brand identity for my BA final project. Worked together with a start-up company called Urraca which means Magpie translated from the Spanish language. Urraca is a Lithuanian developing company which will be specialising in aromatherapy and beauty market. The company’s idea is to create a brand for Lithuania’s market with essential oils and additional beauty products in the future. Their focal point in the market is healthy and natural aromatherapy. As the company currently has two main essential oils - lavender and rose, I was focusing only on those. 
The company’s face and main symbol are Magpie. This Spanish word “Urraca” has a strong story and meaning of its symbolism. The bird itself stands for materiality and creativity and it has a list of additional associations for Magpie such as communication, expression, intelligence, social and so on.
The Magpie’s voice is symbolic as a communication and creative expression. Whenever people hear the Magpie speaking it reflects as a message to us that we should be listening to what a bird is trying to say. This communication tactic works perfectly with the company because of their story and needs to express their values to the company’s customers, to attract their attention and be heard.

Bird’s obsession with shiny objects is also very known and common symbols. This particular bird is a reminder to people that we should re-evaluate our priorities in life, in which case natural ingredients, that company is providing has a strong meaning behind the bird. People should lean towards improving their quality of life, pay more attention to their chosen day-to-day products. Also, gold and silver colour is a combination of shiny objects that this bird is aiming to reach. It creates a combination of both customer and the brand itself.
Moreover, the logo was made based on Gestalt Laws. Particularly the style was chosen on Continuation aspect. The drawing shows the style and how the logo continuously combines typography and visual elements together. This Gestalt’s principle helps the eyes to follow the lines and curves, which creates a flow of visual elements rather than separated objects of the logo.
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